the app for kinksters

Kinkstr: Sex Positive Dating For Kinksters

Kinkstr is a sex positive social app that facilitates the coming together of individuals whose sexual interests fall under the broad category referred to as “kink.” Kinkstr is a tool for those whose sexual desires, practices, expressions, and identities are not positively catered to through mainstream dating or social apps. We view sexual expression in all of its adult and consensual forms as an affirmation of human freedom and imagination.

Kinkstr serves to fill the void created by the lack of forums and spaces dedicated to healthy sexual exploration and expression. Kinkstr is dedicated to people of all levels of knowledge and experience of the kink world, whether you are an active member in a kink community or just beginning to explore this realm of your sexuality. This app opens the world of kink to all regardless of geographic location. Whether you are in San Francisco or rural Wyoming, Kinkstr brings the opportunity to connect with like minded individuals seeking sexual exploration and fulfillment.